Eternal Paradise

All people know the story
Of the great fall;
Adam and Eve were expelled
From their first homeland
Eden, the dream of every human being.

Is it really a fall?
It is. 
But did it matter to Adam?
Did he lose his Paradise? 
If so, what is Eve to him? 
A property or a partner?

He did not abandon her. 
And she was always there. 
I believe he found 
In her a life.

She was very dear. 
Even when the serpent 
Drew near, 
She fell with Adam.

It is believed that Allah 
Created her from Adam’s 
Left rib. 
She was a part from Adam. 
Very close to his heart at first, 
Then captured its entirety.

In her Adam found Eden:
His Eternal Paradise.


Valediction to Weeping

Fallen, struck, never do I sleep,
Insomnia eats my brain cells.
Where’er I go I wonder deep
To lakes, gardens and mountains steep
My scattered thoughts which I keep.

Still the journey is dangerous,
Still I cannot lie in peace.
My mental health is treacherous
Panic attacks do not seize.

Yet in those times I always think
About my Family and my Friends
Those who give me food and drink
And make my enormous fear shrink.

I write for all the sufferers,
For all who internally die:
Your true strength, dears, does lie
Inside your priceless hearts.

Always remember that you’re strong
And you will swiftly pass disasters.
Remember that it’s never wrong
To lead your lives like masters!

The Malleable Stone

I failed once when first appear’d
In thy life. To truly love thee and express,
In fair disposition, thy heart, and quarrel
The indisputable circumstances
Of the world. ‘Twas so unexpected
To be drawn toward an end, that is,
Can sorrow all that love kill?

‘Tis unnatural that your heart, at once,
Be altered to fit that of a stone’s.
Thine eyes keep my flesh melting
And thou art still pretending
That I, gentleman, was only a tithe
Of a lover to thee. Thou know’st
My love was not a jest, nor a lust,
But a scruple that fills my entire heart.

Nay, nightingale. I know how
You deceive your heart by a vow,
To stop loving whilst you’re in need
Of some gentleman to instill a seed
Inside that cave between your lungs.

I shall trammel up your heart before
It surrenders to this mighty plague,
Which takes that miraculous organ
Away from Love’s fortified shelter.
Come, come, my love and thou wilt see
How a precious diadem you’re to me.

The Divine Lesson (A Valediction)

For this time, in this night
Only now I realized:
That holding on tight
Was never right.

What suffices me most
Is to see you fade,
A ghost!
With no shelter, nor a shade.

Away! Begone!
Thou hast none
Of humane behaviors:
You lack both sanity and fun.

Thou know’st what you did,
You cannot deny what you’ve said.
I vow with every drop
My heart had bled:
Dear He, the Almighty,
Shall reveal your inordinate piety!

My Sweetheart Compil’d (#RequiemofLove 1)

No mixture could I get
By all what I had tried.
And as brevity is the soul of wit
I’ll let short words me guide
To where my sweetheart compil’d.

My heart hath stopp’d at every
Flower to seek the nektar,
Wherein all buds were weary
And beyond the depiction of any writer.
But when their thorns found me lonely,
They robbed my heart from shinning brighter.

He lost faith in love,
He vowed to never unfold again;
And catch the nearest aeroplane
To seek an advice from Jove.

How so? Jove’s no longer there!
Nor Cubid, nor Aphrodite– the fair.
They all disappear’d, or rather now dwell
In my world of fantasy. And with a spell,
I’ll summon one for me to tell
How much of Love is my share…

Thirty-Two Lines of Love and Lonely Afterthoughts


I talked to a stone once.
Told it, "I need her to stay with me."
It replied with a question that
My senses found awkward and tricky by The same.
"Her and her only, for that I am sure,
You bear to her that Love which is,
Vanished for these days."
Dazzled I was, for what I heard
That maybe this stone had a heart like mine,
My mind had a solution which would
Bring a subtle relief to me.
"Throw this stone and whatever company,
That will hinder your thoughts from flowing."
Suddenly the stone made a powerful shake
That would have caused my mind's relief.
It said, "If I be thrown, a plethora'd Remain.
So you'd better talk to me and get it off
Your chest before she comes."
I gave up and talked loudly,
While the stone, serenely, sat beside me
A man's Patience is vain when compar'd,
To that of a stone's.
Together for hours we reclined until,
I heard your gait and knew you came
Then you hugged me hard from my back,
And placed a kiss that I felt so warm.
You said, "I felt some hums coming from here,
Someone was calling my name."
I looked to the stone and it seemed to me,
That its eyes had made a sparkle
"From now on, you shall live with her,
Till eternity becomes mortal."

Seeking Other Fumes

“Seeking other Fumes”

If this rope could have a use,
Instead of this one which cause:
The Transportation of fumes and clouds.
It should be tangling other than
Making a white chest turn black.
O my mind thought of it as,
A method of brain pleasing,
When a damage is brought as certain
As my love is to thee.
Thine fondness and affections shall
Be transform’d, re-shaped into a fume
Which will remind me whenever brittle I feel.

I shall kick and refuse,
Every rope and tube, even those
That after a puff make ashes.
My health and thy smile,
Will forever be saved by just
You standing by my side, reinforcing
My weak moments and falls.
Thy help I must seek,
For which I have no one but thee
To stand by me. Yes, no one.
So long as our love remains there,
Strong and more powerful than metals.
So long I shall be away from these delusions.

The Hope In My Skyline

I won’t meet you
Where the skyline ends.
Nor when, from the sky
An angel descends.
Never the sun to a stranger lends
Her beautiful thick Rays that
Every merry morning she sends.

Why would I meet you
In a place so far away?
Where to a hideous little place,
My heart always tends.
Inside my heart there’s
A much more beautiful skyline
One full of wonders,
And we won’t use the past tense
To mention our downfalls- and hence
We’ll enjoy more than ever
And you’ll be my lady, and I the prince

Oh! We’ll use the past tense!
But in this only sentence of hope:
“We lived joyfully ever since.”

Once Upon a Poetry Class

At first we discussed the hemispheres,
The maps and the discoveries:
That to understand Donne’s poetry
A poet who’s now a great influence on me.
Then we surely said the Clichè.

We covered metaphysicals three:
“Twas but a dream of thee “
Poems about love and religion
That, to some of us, transgressed prohibition
But it was enjoyable, your session.

“Drama” we did not understand,
You laughed, but gave us your hand.
A wonderful conscientious professor you are!
Your instructions were all Klar,
And the Moodle was not so far.

To cut a long story short
Thanks for your effort
In always rising up our stamina
Our dearest doctor Amina!

To Dr. Amina El-Halawani

Two Eyes and a Hat

When thine eyes with my hat lost contact,
Methought our hearts should’ve signed a pact;
For they were supposed to be inseparable
But it seemed that they need a miracle
To have a final reconciliation
And avoid shattering and fragmentation.
Time passed and thou art changed,
Me also. Arrogant beauty was replac’d
By an old gray hat, I now wear.

My heart you broke once, and now
You’re promising me a mending vow:
To start anew and forget the past,
To heal the wound really fast.

I have my flaws and of that I’m sure
Thy gravitating eyes again opened the door
Of my heart, that never in thee lost interest.
I admit I am the cleverest
That I choose thee once and twice.
I wish under one ceiling be the Thrice!